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Written by Dannielle Davis   

On Saturday, at 3p.m., Southern Soul Blues Singer Gwen White will join other popular Blues acts while performing live in Little Rock at the 2011 Blues on The River event.

Sponsored by local radio station KOKY, listeners will get to enjoy the sweet sounds of White along with the other blues artists. Performing alongside her band the On Call Band, White will perform her well-known singles “Repo Woman”, “New Love”, along with many other phenomenal tracks. As a young child, White gained extensive musical experience while performing live for her local church. Click the "read more" link to learn more about Gwen's fascinating story.

After traveling with her aunt to various Blues joints around the area, White became inspired to write and create her own individual musical styles. After introducing herself to various musical artists in the 1980’s, White became musically influenced by American Rock & Roll singer Tina Turner and R&B/Soul Singer Latimore.

While being inspired by Tina Turner’s vocals and songwriting techniques, she became influenced by the instrumentations and vocal approach Latimore incorporated into the hit ballad “Slow Down (But Don’t Stop)”.

These strong influences and inspirations would eventually lead White into a very lengthy and successful career in live musical performance.

Throughout the past several years, White has appeared at various festivals including Little Rock, Arkansas’ own Blues on The River, the Helena, Arkansas’ King Biscuit Festival, Cook’s Family Reunion, and the Mississippi Delta Blues & Heritage Festival.

Due to the captivating sounds and looks of White, many listeners would travel long distances to catch a live glimpse of the Blues singer as she performed on stage.

In 2007, a group of Kansas City bikers drove 430 miles to attend the Blues on The River event, only wanting to hear the sweet musical sounds of White. 

Since performing at these various festivals/events, White has gained much accolades and awards for her work. White’s most recent up-tempo single “Repo Woman” has gained extensive airplay for the song’s honest lyrics of taking the “man” back, while reminiscing on the positives of the former relationship.

Little Rock’s own KOKY (102.1 F.M.) radio station has allowed for extensive radio play of White’s popular track, due to her infectious lyrics:

“…Just like a fool/I ran my man way/And now I’m missing him/More and more every day/But I really miss the little things he used to do…/”

Recently, White was nominated for “Best Song of the Year” for the Chitlin Circuit and “New Artist” for the 2011 Jus’ Blues Music Awards, located in Memphis, Tenenssee.

Currently, Blues Singer/Songwriter Gwen White is recording her much-anticipated full-length album.

Scheduled to be released in June 2011, the album will feature all new music written and recorded by White. Besides working on her upcoming album, White is scheduled to perform at various locations including Little Rock’s Blues on the River on April 30, 2011.

For more information about Gwen White, please visit http://www.myspace.com/gwenwhite . For more information about Blues on the River, please visit http://rope.kipr-fm.fimc.net/bluesontheriver2011/blues2011.html .

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