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Written by Tim McNeill   

        AXC 13:  “Chaos In Cabot 3”

(From the vault of good reads. This was a great piece by Tim McNeil. )

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is the fastest growing sport in world. It’s been nearly 16 years since I first watched the sport debut in the United States on PPV television.  Following various forms of martial arts and boxing, I had always wondered, what would happen if different disciplines met in combat?

We got answers as the sport evolved through the years.  There isn’t one single martial art, which can define the supreme combat athlete. Overall, it takes a wide skill set of offensive and defensive skills.

The sport met opposition in the early days, where only a handful of organizations promoted the events. Some considered it brutal and unsafe to the competition.  Very few rules were in place to protect the athletes. 

Things have changed since then. Today, MMA has achieved worldwide recognition as a safe regulated sport.  Most communities in America now have a variety of martial arts facilities training local fighters. Just like boxing, the athletes begin training at an early age. With traditional programs like Taekwondo, Karate, and Kick Boxing offering MMA training alongside their core programs, young athletes receive the physical training and discipline needed to compete in the sport.

Regional promoters like Arkansas Xtreme Challenge offer amateur fighters a chance to showcase their skills and develop into professional athletes. 

“Chaos in Cabot 3” marks the 13th event that AXC has promoted. Personally I have attended 6 of these going back to AXC 3. The Veterans Park Community Center hosted the event. Even though this venue is one of the smaller locations, it makes for a very interesting close up experience for the fans. There wasn’t a bad seat in the whole place.

The fight card was a well matched and action packed selection.

Amateur fighters were showcased for this event, bringing in fighters from Central Arkansas, Russellville, and Tennessee.  Along with community sponsors, there was a nice crowd on hand supporting the athletes.  Here is a partial summary of the fights. For complete results, check my twitter feed @Hatt0riHanz0.

The Co-Main Event featured Thomas Gifford vs. Jason Calle for the AXC 155lb Championship.  Calle came out on the attack, but gets caught in a deep armbar. Gifford gets the win after the referee stops the match. Calle did show some heart, by not tapping.

Alex Macias vs. Jonny Wester went to a decision. Wester wins a close decision in a close fight. Macias fought a good fight, but like they say, don’t leave it up to the judges.

The opening fight between Jonny Irvin and Richard Conner set the pace for the night with Conner scoring a KO in the second round with a spinning back kick to the head of Irvin. It’s not very often that you see that kick land outside of the practice mat.

Local Kyle Grizzell was matched against Nathan Gates . Gates came out aggressive for the takedown on Grizzell, but Grizzell is able to wall walk back up and take the back of Gates. Kyle Grizzell gets the submission via rear naked choke.

Conner Stephens vs. Darwyn Case. Case comes out on the attack, gets the take down, and a brutal ground attack gets the referee’s stoppage in only 23 seconds of the first round.
Second round submission for Ryan Petrishan over Ronnie Magness.

The intermission featured a youth demonstration of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. The kids did an amazing job showcasing their ground abilities. 

Overall, I’m looking forward to the next event. The larger venue shows feature a mixture of professional and amateur fights. It’s important to realize that you don’t have to leave the state to see great MMA action. We’ve got it all, right here at home.

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