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(Click above image to hear his latest song and for album order information.)

Every now and then something fresh and exciting touches our heart, moves our soul, and takes us back to a time and place when things were simpler, easier; allowing us to focus on moments we cherish.  The simple things about each of our lives are what we tend to miss and hold on to, and we find ourselves yearning for times to get back to those ways.

Country music artist Matthew Huff has set this tone in his long awaited follow up album.  Following up his 2010 six track EP "Strong," which paved the way for his early success as an independent artist, Huff has crafted his upcoming album to focus less on love themes and more on the meaningful, simple things in our lives. 

For the last two years, Matthew has traveled all around the central and southeastern United States, building a fan base from Michigan to Florida. He has honed his craft as a singer and songwriter by featuring his smooth sound and authentic writing style.  His follow up album, a defining piece of artistry, features songs from his simple life growing up, as well as two heartfelt tribute songs to his mom and his dad. 

A Huff album wouldn’t be complete without stories about heartbreak or love though.  He captures this with a co-write, with his friend and co-writer, Terry Smith.  Huff and Smith are no strangers to writing good collaborations, as Smith co-wrote 2 tracks with Huff on his EP "Strong."  The songs, As Time Goes By, found success on Music Row and charted in at #9 on the Power Source Top 75 back in 2011; and You Can’t Fool A Fool earned support as a fan favorite off the album.

As Matthew puts it, "My writing has matured, as well as my career.  I’ve spent the last 3 years writing and working for the perfect songs for this album.  I feel strongly that songs should touch the emotions of a listener and be more than just surface level.  What I try to do is paint my emotions and experiences into a 4 minute melody and when it’s constructed properly others will feel it too, no matter if they’ve lived it or not."

He continues, "I feel this album will set me apart and show off more of my unique style as a singer and songwriter.  I’m excited to share this with my fans, as I know it’s been well overdue."

Matthew’s success over the last few years includes more than radio airplay, TV interviews, a popular tour scene and growing his fan base.  He has also garnered the support of various corporate sponsors and marketing partnerships.

Most recently, Huff has become a featured artist working with a Bradenton, FL. based company called It Works Global.  Owner and CEO of It Works, Mark Pentecost has bought in to Huff’s music over the last couple of years and has become a big supporter of his work and music.  The two have decided to partner up and Huff will be collaborating with the It Works Global team to launch to launch various marketing and entertainment initiatives.  

According to Matthew, "This is an opportunity that is huge for me and my career.  I’m very excited to be working with Mark and his It Works Team.  It is an honor to be supported by someone who has such a huge work ethic and has distinguished himself in the business realm."

Matthew continues, "I realized early on in my career that you never know who you meet that might be the next person to help you out a year, two years or ten years down the journey.  I am very thankful for this opportunity and It Works!"

Preorders for Matthew Huff’s new album can be purchased at A limited special preorder and video promotion is available for fans that order before the album is complete. The offer will include special behind the scenes photos and video footage of the making of one of his brand new songs. The album is set to be available by Spring 2013.

Stay up to date with Matthew Huff on Facebook and Twitter: and

Check out ItWorks! Global on Facebook  and Twitter at and

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