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Welcome to the Terrarium PDF Print E-mail
Written by Robin Temple   

Welcome to the TerrariumWelcome to the terrarium....
See the ticket punch.
Visit our aquarium...
Be sure to stay for lunch.
The tour is mandatory.
The price is all you are.
We make up the story...

And illuminate each Star.
Explore the terrarium...
The punchline you won't get.
Check out the aquarium...
Everyone gets wet.

Dig deep in our quarry.
You can pay to find a stone.
Be wise and be wary...
You'll still leave alone.
The illusion is so real...
You'll wonder at it all.
We know how you feel...
Since long before the fall.

Everything's for sale...
Every thing you see.
It's just a magic jail...
Still convinced you're free?

Love Rt.

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