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On The Little Rock Scene with Stitch Pig Brothers PDF Print E-mail
Written by Arkansas Free Press Staff   

                                              Members of Stitch Pig Brothers, (left: Joe Riley right: Dann Norris)

Members of the band "Stitch Pig Brothers" traveled through Little Rock Friday night. Drummer Dann Norris from the Cincinnati, Ohio area and Band Member Joe Riley, from the Indiana Tri-State Triangle, spent the evening in town. They are traveling with several musicians, in route to an upcoming concert at a casino in Oklahoma.

Stitch Pig Brothers have a single in rotation on Nashville radio, titled, "Gator's Tail." Norris describes the band's sound as "Swampy Country Metal Music." They have a one of a kind stage show that includes a 1953 GMC with red lights, and features a massive drum show, complete with gongs and a wall of amps.

When Norris and Riley are not working with Gator's Tail, they perform on the Casino circuit in a tribute band that features Tim McGraw music. They have been a part of that for about five years. Norris says he has been in the industry a long time and enjoys having the opportunity to make music.

We spoke for a moment about women in the industry. Norris says their influence remains a little understated. "Women like Chrissie Hines and Pat Benatar are a lot better than a lot of guys. If you have got the balls to get out there, I think it is great. You have got to open it wide up and push hard."

To connect with Stitch Pig Brothers, visit them online at the following social media links:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pg/Stitchpigband/about/?ref=page_internal

You can hear their song "Gator's Tail" here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pc5J0Zg9nAM


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