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Written by Arkansas Free Press Staff   

Forever in my Heart (Live)

Now, while we're here alone
And all is said and done
Now I can let you know
Because of all you've shown
I've grown enough to tell you
You'll always be inside of me
How many roads have gone by
So many words left unspoken
I needed to be by your side
If only to hold you

Forever in my heart

Forever we will be
And even when I'm gone
You'll be here in me
Once, I dreamed that you were gone
I cried out trying to find you
I begged the dream to fade away
And please awaken me
But night took a hold of my heart
And left...

Fun Facts

This song was written for a short film called Access All Areas. The guy in the song is talking about holding on to his lover, dreaming she's not with him and then finding out he's lost his love but will "always remember." Kenny and Eva divorced around 1988. Read more at SongFacts.Com 

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