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Arkansas voters will decide in November 2018 whether showing photo identification should be an official requirement of voting and whether to establish dollar limits for financial damages in certain types of lawsuits. Legislators went home this month after referring the two constitutional amendments to voters. Arkansas' constitution limits legislators to putting three constitutional amendments on the ballot, but they rejected a proposal that sought to change the ballot issue process. Additional highway funding bills that would have required voter approval were also rejected before the unofficial end of the session.

Legislators in the House and Senate agreed to put on the ballot:

SJR8, an amendment that would establish a dollar limit for financial damages awarded in certain types of lawsuits, shift authority from the state supreme court to the legislature in setting court rules and procedures, and limit how much attorneys are paid in medical injury lawsuits. Supporters of these types of laws often use the phrase "tort reform" when talking about them.

HJR1016, an amendment that would require citizens present photo identification when voting and the state to provide photo identification to eligible voters free of charge.

The deadline for citizen-led proposals is not until next summer. We'll keep you updated on any changes over the next year.

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