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I know the end PDF Print E-mail
Written by Robin Temple   

The only devil I ever knew...

Lives inside what people do.
All the demons I have known...
Are planted, fertilized and grown.
The seed lives inside us all.
What you feed grows big and tall.
It can outgrow your compassion.

Then you're not human in some fashion.
Are you us or are you It?
Tell us, does your skin still fit?
How well do you wear your face?
Do you hold onto your true grace?
Or are you just a lovely pose?
Some can't tell I suppose.
Written in you are some tells.
They sing to me like hells bells.
I hear your truest self and see....
The architect that set you free.
I know this work...I recognize...
All the truths behind your eyes.
I've read this book...I know the end.
The route you took to be my friend.
The map you've made...I can read.
You're my kind...guaranteed.
Love rt.

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