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I can find the strength PDF Print E-mail
Written by Robin Temple   

Baphomet and Sophia ....
Had a maddening Idea.
How to trap a soul in sin...
And what device to put it in.

Now we number in the billions.
Burning up to earn those millions.

For a prison we can't escape.
But hey, we're just a talking ape.

Labotomized in our perception.
Convinced to defend our deception.
Most of us are walking dead...
We never think to use our head.

Trained to go through life by rote.
Thinking freedom means we vote.
But looking past and looking in...
I can find the strength to sin.

I sin by asking how and why.
In how I live and how I die.
By knowing that there's so much more.
By digging in as I explore.

All the world's a stage and then...
They start the play over again.
The curtain closes on this Set.
The new play isn't written yet.

Your script plays upon the screen.
You're just the walk on in between.
Wonder what is to be your part?
Living then dying...it's an art.

Love rt.

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