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Searching for a Home Appliance Service Contract that Actually Covers Something PDF Print E-mail
Written by Arkansas Free Press Staff   

Is there a Home Appliance Service Program that actually covers anything? Just recently I attempted to have an appliance repaired. When I contacted the company that I purchased a service contract with, they did everything possible to find a reason NOT to fix what I had insured. After a truly dreadful conversation with company officials, I contacted the Better Business Bureau. Plans like the one I purchased with that company seem to be everywhere. They sell you a concept, but don't actually repair anything.

What can be done?

Why sell plans that you don't want to service?

Why buy plans that companies don't service. This company was so experienced in how to say "no," I think that is what they train to do.

What can I say? The experience prompted me to consider appliance service contracts in general. What I found, after a bit of research, is that most companies say they cover all these major appliances. When you read the fine print, however, they state they do not cover most anything that would go wrong with an appliance... making the service contract useless.

A great example is one that I found which said it covered refrigerators. While they claimed to cover refrigerators, the fine print on the contract stated they would not cover any repair associated with ice makers, Freon, the freezer, handles and other elements that usually constitute a refrigerator needing repair. In other words... totally useless and you would never know unless you actually read the fine print. When I asked the salesperson to tell me what they actually do cover in regard to repairs, he would not respond to my written inquiry.

You can't believe the sales people. They did in fact tell me one thing on the phone that was completely different on the contract.

I think this service warranty business needs an overhaul. Till it happens... I'm accepting recommendations for a service contract that actually covers repairs.

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