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Man Spied On Women In Porta Potty PDF Print E-mail
Written by Arkansas Free Press Staff   

COLORADO--Luke Chrisco, accused of hiding out inside the toliet part of porta-potties so that he could watch women using the restroom during a Yoga festival in Colorado,  was arrested last week by area authorities.

A woman first noticed the 30 year old man when she saw that her porta potty tank was moving. A nearby man also confirmed that he saw a man in the waste tank, covered in a tarp.

During that incident, Chrisco is said to have locked himself inside the toilet tank for a unspecified amount of time. Then, he is reported to have flung the door open and ran.  A security guard on scene told media outlets that he tried to “stop the feces-covered man, but he got away.”

Chrisco confirmed that “he moved from the waste tank of a vacant porta-potty to a ‘busy one’ to watch women above him.”

He also told police that he has spied on as many as 200 women through bathroom peepholes at businesses and restaurants. Chrisco was charged with unlawful sexual contact and criminal invasion of privacy.

Police have been contacting business owners and asking them to seal any holes they may have in their bathrooms.

Last Updated ( Jul 03, 2011 at 02:01 PM )
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Arkansas Free Press
July 20, 2014
Issue: 156

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