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Written by Mark Fleisher   

Expel us
Enslave us
Exile us
Execute us
Eradicate us
Exterminate us
Still, we endure
We know of purges and pogroms
and we survived;

we know of the fiendishly
crafted plan implementing
wholesale murder
and we survived,
gallows insufficient
punishment for the monsters

devising and carrying out
horrors while
blind eyes turned away
Now the stench of hate
again despoils the air,

choking the righteous,
suffocating the tolerant
Cowards defile stones of the revered,
threaten where

young and old gather,
splash sneering symbols
upon sacred sites;
let the weight of truth
muffle profanities

shouted by deniers
Moral pollution emboldens
chants and gestures
summoned by the
tyranny of hate
unmasked by fresh
breezes of liberty
Yes, we endure

If you come, we will be ready,
no longer meek, no longer mild,
never again digging
our graves,

kneeling as supplicants
waiting for the bullet
to the back of the head
never again herded
into death chambers
prolonging the humiliation
Yes, we will endure
Yes, we will survive

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