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Written by Tracy Crain   

Deputy Michael Hendrix of the Pulaski County Sheriff’s Office responded to a call at the 27500 block of Highway 365 in Little Rock last week. Upon arrival, he met with the chief of the Redfield Police Department who stated he had received several phone calls about a white male, identified as James Scribner, cutting the copper ground wires off of several power poles on Highway 365.

The chief said he saw Scribner carrying a bag with pieces of copper inside it and detained him. Randy Jackson of the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office also witnessed Scribner traveling on Highway 365.

Deputy Hendrix was advised to bring Scribner into the department. Upon initial questioning, Scribner said he did not have any money to buy groceries and that his brother had told him it would be ok to cut the copper ground wires off of the power poles to scrap.

Scribner said that he went to several power poles and cut the wires with wire snips. He then showed the poles to Hendrix. There were no numbers identifying the poles with the cut copper ground wire.

Deputy Hendrix transported Scribner to investigations, where he was interviewed and then charged with Theft of property and possession of an instrument of crime for the tools. Scribner was also booked on a FTA warrant for his arrest out of PCDC. Entergy was contacted. Estimated value of copper: $15.

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