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Written by Michelle Canulla   

Food on a dime: Hard times demand the search of good food at reasonable prices. The mission of this series is to save you time, gas, and spare you the costs of bad food.

This Week: Doe’s Restaurant
Located At: 1023 West Markham St
                 Little Rock, AR. 72201

Style: Southern Delta

Does Restaurant: A Great Date Place

It really doesn’t matter who asks who out, the guy or the girl. Or, if it is a situation where you are good friends and you are pondering more. When you go grab a bite to eat, you want to head toward Doe’s Restaurant. This is a great "date" place for lunch or dinner. It’s very understated and the casual atmosphere takes the edge and nervousness off of the dining experience. When you and your main squeeze come here, expect high quality food in a casual, low brow atmosphere.

Hello, Clinton can go there in a t-shirt and jeans and he frequently has. A token reminder of his visits, there is a Clinton Power Room that is housed in the back of the restaurant and reserved for special parties. 

The room is a tribute to those special occasions when area movers and shakers would get a craving for a round of scrumptious steaks and some of the best tamales in Arkansas.

When I was in Paris, people around me often mentioned the way President Clinton would frequent a place called Does. I remember I was bombarded with questions about this little restaurant, which is fabulous, and Arkansas based.
I totally had them spinning when I talked about how large the steaks were and the way more than one person could share them.

What To Expect

The ambiance at Does is cozy.

Despite the crowd, you can have an intimate conversation. I really like that. But, it is the food that makes it all worthwhile.

This is a place where you can order a steak as large as your head, then enjoy the pleasure of leaning into share the plate with your significant other.

Again, just a great date joint.

Whether you are good friends or more, what could be more romantic than sharing a world famous piece of steak?

You will never go wrong with meat and potatoes. It is just that simple. Along with amazing steaks, they also have a great wilted salad and they serve it properly in a chilled plate. (I hate when people serve wilted salad in a warm plate.)

I was at Does, with other members of the Arkansas Free Press on Friday night. We were celebrating our latest coup, signing Helen Thomas to the staff as a contributor emeritus, when we were served up, what I must say, was an excellent portion of steak.

Along with great food, Doe’s Restaurant has a nice wine selection. It is small, but good, and is able to cover one’s palette, both in taste and expense.

In my case, I have very good taste, but I don’t often have the cash. This is a place where you can get a good wine for a very reasonable price.

Aside from being there last Friday, I have been to Does for lunch on several occasions. I often take my other half, who enjoys a burger that has just the right amount of grease.You can find that at Doe's Resturant. The food here is well seasoned and cooked to your preference.

Along with awesome burgers, they have fresh cut French fires, which I prefer over frozen varieties. They also have tamales.

These are tamales from the south. They are the ones that were commonly found in the Delta. They are fantastic. Southern delta grade. Moist. The price is very reasonable.

The establishment is also convenient for those in the downtown area.

This is not a fast food joint, but they have got it down.

They know what they are doing.

Overall, Doe’s Restaurant is an icon that has served good food for ions.

You cannot survive in the restaurant world without being good all the time. And, Doe's truly is.

There is a reason why this little joint is known around the world. They have done it for a long time and do it consistently well. Overall, Doe’s Restaurant is a great place to chill out with a beer. It is what it is...a joint. In the good, southern sense of the word.

Do you want to chill out with a cold beer and some buddies?

Head on over to Doe’s Restaurant.

On a fun, lighter note…it would not surprise me at all to see Matthew McConaughey or Arkansas Director Jeff Nichols down there sometime in the near future.

If Nichols happens to see this, please give our managing editor a call.

Doe’s is just that kind of place. Come on down, they’ve got a plate for you.

Special Guests


Local race car driver and his family eating at Doe’s this past weekend.

From right to left: Mike Sellers, Brett Sellers, Anita Hathcoat, Madelyn Sellers, Trish Sellers, Drew Hathcoat, Lucas Sellers

Their race car out on the track! What could be more fun?

Come on out to Doe's when you get a chance. You're sure to enjoy a one of kind experience.

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