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Epica Launches "The Essence of Silence" Live Video PDF Print E-mail
Written by Kristin Torres   

Dutch Metallers EPICA have launched the official live video for The Essence of Silence, which was recorded live earlier this year during the European Enigma Tour at their sold-out show at the Ancienne Belgique in Brussels, Belgium. The video was shot and edited by Jens De Vos and his team at Panda Productions. The show was recorded by Ace Zec and mixed by EPICA producer Joost van der Broek.

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Last Updated ( Aug 23, 2015 at 07:55 PM )
Missing PDF Print E-mail
Written by William Wheeler   

Are our frequent prayers composed of those
         very necessary words
Which focus our souls on believing in the midst
         of our disbelief
Asking for needed help in our own blindnesses?
Do we ever ask ourselves why we need
Each other as we stumble on our particular paths?

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Missing II PDF Print E-mail
Written by William Wheeler   

Sometimes the distance between what should be
          and what
          actually is
          can be unbearable
If we do not long to be shown the road we must walk.
Within this constant reminder of our living reality
Will lie the deepest truth of our life's dream

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Closed Accounts PDF Print E-mail
Written by Mark Fleisher   

Seven months of a one night stand
for I knew she might leave any morning
after closing the Fidelity and Trust accounts
we never truly shared

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Requiem PDF Print E-mail
Written by William Wheeler   

Those were experimental years, strong years,
           good years for living and knowing;
           all things lay before us with
           wealths of choice
Seldom found by necessity of decision.

Games and girls to be played, won, and lost;
Books and papers to be read, written, and forgotten;

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An ABC Poem PDF Print E-mail
Written by Mark Fleisher   

Usually a five-line poem in which the first letter of the first word of four lines follows an alphabetical sequence: i.e DEFG or MNOP. The first letter of the fifth line may be any letter.

Irreversible glares
Jarring criticism
Keys returned
Last good-byes
Sorrowful exits

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FEAR FACTORY: "Genexus" World Chart Numbers Revealed! PDF Print E-mail
Written by Charles Elliott   

Photo Credit: Stephanie Cabral

The pioneers of industrial-tinged extreme metal, FEAR FACTORY, released their much anticipated masterpiece Genexus worldwide this past Friday, via Nuclear Blast Entertainment. The album charted in several countries around the globe, coming in at #13 on the World Top 40 Chart, and once again solidifying the band's stature as an international force! In addition, Genexus has surpassed the band's last two releases, Mechanize (2010) and The Industrialist (2012), in terms of first-week sales and chart numbers in the United States.

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