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"No Laughing Matter" PDF Print E-mail
Written by Billie Nardozzi   

They laughed at him
Because he was so ugly
And he was kind of a hermit
And his hair a bit scruggly

And they laughed at him
When he walked down the street
Cause he was one
They didn't care to meet

For just the little things... PDF Print E-mail
Written by Robin Temple   

I don't love you for just little things.
I love you for them all...
The sweetness that your kiss brings...
The tender ways you make me fall.

Gently first, then in a rush...
Headlong towards the abyss.
The lull, the whisper, then a hush...
These things bring me bliss.

"A Kiss Goodbye" PDF Print E-mail
Written by Billie Nardozzi   

I know that it's the last
But I wish it was the first
And that's what makes it harder
And makes it all the worst

Because I remember when
The day that we first met
And I took one look at you
And was almost willing to bet

"Fear Not" PDF Print E-mail
Written by Billie Nardozzi   

Don't ever be afraid
To fall in love
Because the one before
Didn't fly like a dove

Cause maybe you were hurt
And won't take a chance
Of another big heartache
And broken romance

"May I" PDF Print E-mail
Written by Billie Nardozzi   

May I wish you greatness
And goodness and gladness
And wish you no pain
And never no sadness

And may I wish you forever
And forever and the day
That you find that bright star
That leads to the way

"Where Is He Now" PDF Print E-mail
Written by Billie Nardozzi   

Oh do I miss him
Oh do I cry
Thinkin bout the time
We said goodbye

And how I just hugged him
For the very last time
And trying to hold in
The tears of sublime

??? Hiding Yourself ??? PDF Print E-mail
Written by Billie Nardozzi   

Why would you do it
And why would you try
Just because that someone
Has said goodbye

And has fooled you and hurt you
With a terrible lie
And has made you give up
And just wanna die

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