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February 18, 1968 PDF Print E-mail
Written by Mark Fleisher   

I saw no rocket's red glare,
hearing only the whistling hiss
a millisecond before the thunderclap
knocked me to the floor,
filled my eyes with death's dust,
dammed my ears with silence

Anyone hit?

Last Updated ( Feb 19, 2017 at 10:01 PM )
"The Heart"...Is A Many Splendored Thing PDF Print E-mail
Written by Billie Nardozzi   

It guides your mind
And guides your soul
And makes your life
Not half, but whole
And it leads the path
Of wrong to right
And guides you into
A better light
And it guides the conscience

IMMOLATION release lyric video for new song, "Fostering The Divide" PDF Print E-mail
Written by Charles Elliott   

New York death metal giants IMMOLATION are currently on tour in North America in support of their upcoming album Atonement, which will be released on February 24th via Nuclear Blast Records. Today, the band has released a lyric video for the brand new track "Fostering The Divide",

Last Updated ( Feb 19, 2017 at 08:00 PM )
"The Will To Live" PDF Print E-mail
Written by Billie Nardozzi   

Things can get tough
And life can be hard
But we must always stay strong
And hold up our guard
For no matter the circumstance
Or bad situation
We must without pause
Come to the realization

Romance Scams: Online Imposters Break Hearts and Bank Accounts PDF Print E-mail
Written by FBI News   

They met online. He said he was a friend of a friend. The woman, in her 50s and struggling in her marriage, was happy to find someone to chat with. "He was saying all the right things," she remembered. "He was interested in me. He was interested in getting to know me better. He was very positive, and I felt like there was a real connection there."

The Love Pond PDF Print E-mail
Written by Billie Nardozzi   

Its inhabitants are "pure"

And their life has been "shallow"
But "the bait has been given"
To make them feel mellow

And so "the mating begins"
As they "float into oblivion"
And then "downstream they go"
Into a state of...."oh gimme him"

Billie Nardozzi
Pittsburgh, PA.


Stating The Obvious PDF Print E-mail
Written by Billie Nardozzi   

I know that you cheated

Cause I saw you last night
You were there with Regina
Holding her tight

Kissing and caressing
And expressing your love
And telling her you'd never
Place anyone above

Last Updated ( Feb 19, 2017 at 08:25 PM )
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