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"The Freeway Of Love" PDF Print E-mail
Written by Billie Nardozzi   

It is the road of free love

And it's the green light to go
And it's the pathway that beckons you
To love that one so

And it's the highway of pleasure
And it's the street of real fire

Escape to Paradise; Our Winter trip to Maui (Part 2) PDF Print E-mail
Written by Sid Greenhaw   

(Part 2) Day 1, Orientation and Whale Watching

Due to the flight layover Tuesday became our first day. The hotel resort accommodations at Maui Coast Hotel were wonderful. We looked for one highly rated with the amenities we love (close to the beach, swimming pools, tennis courts laundry facilities) without the ones we don't that run up the cost such as Valet parking.

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"The Brook" PDF Print E-mail
Written by Billie Nardozzi   

They lived right by the brook
So beautiful and so sound
And its waters flowed so smooth
And the humming birds were always around
And they seemed to project a smile
Along with their incomparable singing
And even those fish in the brook

To Fall In Love Again PDF Print E-mail
Written by Billie Nardozzi   

It is a wonderful and beautiful thought
And something that can surely heal the heart
And it is an overwhelming and overpowering antidote
That can surely make you feel whole from part
But we know that it sometimes doesn't happen
And we sit and wonder why this could be

"A Child" PDF Print E-mail
Written by Billie Nardozzi   

((( A Precious Gift )))

They are born into this world
So precious and so free
And sometimes they get very ill
And it's the last thing you want to see

And how it breaks the parent's heart
Because their child has succumb to an illness
And all they are feeling at that moment
Is an unwanted and heartbreaking chillness


"Dumbfounded" PDF Print E-mail
Written by Billie Nardozzi   

I've done all I possibly can
To show you how much I love you
And I've repeated to you so many times
That I would never put anyone above you
And I've done everything in my power
To show that my love is true

IRS Seeks Applications for Electronic Tax Administration Advisory Committee PDF Print E-mail
Written by General Press Release   

WASHINGTON - The Internal Revenue Service is seeking qualified applicants for nomination to the Electronic Tax Administration Advisory Committee (ETAAC). The ETAAC provides an organized public forum for discussion of electronic tax administration issues, such as prevention of identity theft and refund fraud in support of the overriding goal that paperless filing should be the preferred and most convenient method of filing tax and information returns. ETAAC members work closely with the Security Summit, a joint effort of the IRS, state tax administrators and tax industry to fight electronic fraud.

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